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The 2009 Visual Performance Showcase

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Sunday, January 25th, 6pm-9pm

at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago 60602

Claudia Cassidy Theater, Wheelchair accessible at 77 E. Randolph



A synaesthesia of: ( motion | sound | code ) integrated into an unparalleled media+art event. Showcasing VJs, Visual System Programmers, Musicians, and DJs in a theater setting. Featured artists include: Vir Unis, Stoptime341, Peter Kirn, Michael Una, Merkaba, Ontologist, Glen Stephani and more.


Vir Unis

Vir Unis is an artist working within the medium of electric and synthesized sound.


Working for over twenty years, Vir Unis has released and produced nearly 50 albums. In 2002, he and James Johnson formed AtmoWorks, which is an online resource to produce and release their own music as well as others.  Vir Unis’
music has been played on national syndicate radio shows such as Hearts of Space, Echoes, and Star’s End, as well as many others around the world.  Combining an ethereal and swirling sound of electronic synthesizers, samples, and computerized loops, Vir Unis weaves a sonic tapestry over fractalized beats and terrestrial grooves.  He has collaborated with some of the best in ambient music, such as Steve Roach, Saul Stokes, Vidna Obmana, Ma Ja Le, Mj Dawn, Rena Jones, Interstitial, and James Johnson.  Vir Unis has also created loop libraries for Sony Creative Software, which has been used for sound design  in tv and film. 

Vir Unis performances are always improvised and usually go beyond ideas recorded on studio albums, leading into new experimental territories in which a new sound might be forged.  Visit AtmoWorks  .


Peter Kirn

Peter Kirn is a classically-trained musician and composer gone digital. As an experimental electronic musician, keyboardist, visualist, and media artist, he's a regular fixture at New York's Warper Party and NY club venues. His work also extends from conposing for Baroque instruments and voice to custom computer vision software and digitally-synthesized music. The Boston Globe describes his music and visuals as "poetic" and "delicate." He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular websites and, which explore bleeding-edge creative tech in our growing "nerdster" culture. He is currently researching new environments for live digital music and visuals as he completes a PhD in music composition at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Peter is based in lower Manhattan.
Visit Peter Kirn  .


Michael Una

Michael Una's work investigates how vibrating waves of energy and human consciousness interact. He utilizes traditional musical instruments, handbuilt analog electronics, video processes, digital synthesis, and repurposed objects to build harmonic wave patterns. These patterns are projected into physical space, creating a unique and temporary audiophysical experience.


Stoptime 341, "Sleepless"

Sleepless is a non stop fully improvised live video barrage. Consisting of original images and samples of all genres, Sleepless is centered around the theme of insomnia.
Sleepless is a world after dark, a world of sin and temptation, a world of nightlife.
Sleepless is the itch inside all of us who live in a city that holds temptations more potent than dreams, guilty pleasure in the darkened corners of night.
Sleepless to be performed live by Stoptime341 VJ Christopher Andrew.



Merkaba's work has always been process based as well as collagist, and the advent of digital technologies has allowed a great expansion of capabilities and reach, most excitingly into the area of realtime video performance. Merkaba has accompanied noted national and international musicians and is currently involved with theatrical video design. Visit Merkaba  .


Ontologist, "Arrow To The Sun"

ontologist is a composer, video artist, and visual improviser based in Chicago. He regularly performs with ensembles Silences (Sumire), Maurice, and Spizm, and was a featured visualist at the 2008 Ears&Eyes Festival at The Hideout.
His current project, "Arrow To The Sun", is a music/video/taste/smell/thought art-piece based on the (anti)narrative of spiritual enlightenment. Ontologist has used his self-programmed software to perform visuals with literally all kinds of music, from new classical to jazz, thrash metal to electronica (not to mention music of his own).
View past work by Ontologist  .


Glen Stephani

Glen Jennings AKA "Glen Stephani" is a digital media artist represented by the multimedia label named Psymbolic. He uses the mechanical filter of technology as a lens through which to create his vivid organic imagery. Source material is all generated by "Stephani" himself by an ever expanding variety of processes including but not limited to: video image, vector art, pen and ink illustration, found image reappropriation, digital photography, rotoscope animation and sound to image. Aesthetic inhibitions have contrasted from the lo-fi and damaged to a clean graphic look and are often times influenced by the process of creation itself. Glen seeks out the unintended parameters in all artifices, hardware and applications and manipulates them accordingly. He believes these "hidden g-spots" or glitches reveal the true spirit of the machine and are a symbolic mirror to the resistance within us all. Like the color halftone dots from a dot matrix printer, the unexpected result of a machines design oftentimes become the cutting edge design aesthetic of tomorrow. Do what's unintended of you and discover a realm beyond your intended function. Visit Glen Stephani on Psymbolic  .


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