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Create Digital Motion

Brattle Theater


2009 Realtime Performance Showcase


Friday, March 6th, 10pm - Midnight

at the Brattle Theater, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge

Realtime Motion Graphics performers show just how fast computers have become. Fast enough to render amazing graphics in realtime & make video into a expressive medium. Featuring Peter Kirn, superDraw, Tremble, WiiWhold and more.


Tremble by Joshue Ott and Morgan Packard

JOSHUE OTT :: Working from hand-drawn forms which he then manipulates with superDraw, a software instrument of his own design, New York-based multidisciplinary artist Joshue Ott composes evolving images that reside somewhere between minimalism, psychedelia, and Cagean chance. He performs frequently with a wide range of musicians, sympathetically translating sound to vision to yield immersive multisensory experience. Josh's work has been seen across the world, in forums including Mutek 2008 in Montreal, the 2006 Ars Electronica Animation Festival in Austria, and New York City's Carnegie Hall.

MORGAN PACKARD :: Using the form of techno/house/breakbeat music as a beginning, not an end unto itself, Morgan Packard manages to synthesize ideas from the worlds of electronics, jazz, and classical in a manner that has no hint of experimentation, but rather a purposeful, concrete rendering of his vision. Believing that a small, carefully-chosen set of tools is essential for the creation of great art, he works mainly with Ripple, his own open-source sound design and performance software. Morgan has played some fun gigs, including Montreal's Mutek festival, Serbia's Dis-Patch, a crazy bar in Beijing, and a good number of rickety Brooklyn warehouses.


WiiWhorld by Jeff Mission and Chris Korda

Jeff Mission and Chris Korda present WiiWhorld, a live visual
synthesizer for sacred geometry. Using a Nintendo Wiimote to control the open-source software Whorld, you can create a seamless animation of mesmerizing psychedelic images in real time. Chris will also have a sneak preview of his upcoming fractal software Fractice.
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Peter Kirn, Create Digital Motion

Peter Kirn is a classically-trained musician and composer gone digital. As an experimental electronic musician, keyboardist, visualist, and media artist, he's a regular fixture at New York's Warper Party and NY club venues. His work also extends from conposing for Baroque instruments and voice to custom computer vision software and digitally-synthesized music. The Boston Globe describes his music and visuals as "poetic" and "delicate." He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular websites and, which explore bleeding-edge creative tech in our growing "nerdster" culture. He is currently researching new environments for live digital music and visuals as he completes a PhD in music composition at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Peter is based in lower Manhattan.
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Bob Trahpek, Sonic Beating

Bob Trahpek is an alias used by Bob Kephart – the two are one and the same. He is the product of a cowboy turned shop teacher father and a classical musician mother. This is the root of his duality. Bob is a true renaissance man. Holding a BFA and MFA, he pursues a fine art career through making sculpture that incorporates motors and electronics – motion and sound. He also is a passionate contributor to the psychedelic trance community in Boston as well as globally. He is a member of the Boston psytrance collective Sonic Beating, which puts on a monthly event named Psyforia. Among his many contributions are making psychedelic black light art for the events, DJ-ing, and web mastering. He also produces the internet radio station named Zia-Trance.

Bob has had some small forays into music production in the past, but as of the past year has been pursuing a more serious project named Robot in the Forest. With this new project he fuses his many interests and aesthetics. While it is electronic in nature, there is a certain edge and structure to the works that make them hard to define by genre.

Check out Bob's Fine art sculpture and Psytrance deco .

Listen to Bob's DJ mixes and Robot in the Forest MP3s [1] [2] [3] .


VJ Mason Dixon, Psymbolic

A dropout from University of Texas's Advanced Communications Theory Laboratory, Mason Dixon, then Sfear Bebopanaut, went to work for a small internet start-up, iChat, designing the first version of Yahoo's chat community. After iChat's IPO, Sfear organized a team of hackers to detect vulnerabilities in electronic voting systems before the 2000 presidential election. After 9/11, Sfear changed his name to Mason Dixon and moved to Chicago, where he now resides as an instructor of Motion Graphics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Mason's professional career includes clients such as Apple, Adobe, IBM, Dell, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Universal Studios, Disney, the Army War College and the Navy Interactive Courseware Department. He has also designed public sculptures and video performances for the Museum of Contemporary Art, SIGGRAPH, South By Southwest, Lollapalooza, Boston Center for the Arts, Cambridge University UK, US Botanical Gardens in DC and the Burning Man freedom festival. Mason Dixon's work has investigated the specific subjects of: the moving image as a performance medium; aesthetics and warfare; identity hacking; and public art. In the last 2 years he has produced over 70 exhibitions in 10 US cities and has shown with artists such Mia Liu, Carl Cox, Shepard Fairy, String Cheese Incident, American Analog Set and DJ Spooky.

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