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Microsoft Expression Studio

thirteen 23 : designing experiences


New Motion Summit Keynote


At the New Motion Summit

May 16, Saturday, 10am - 5pm at the 501 Studios

501 N IH 35, Corner of E. 5th St. and Brushy


Sketch it, build it, run it: Introducing SketchFlow

4pm, Chris Bernard and Sara Summers, Microsoft User Experience
Sometimes the best ideas start on a napkin, a whiteboard or a sketchpad. How do we get these ideas into the digital realm? Chris Bernard and Sara Summers will show you how with a new tool designed for prototyping and conception called SketchFlow, part of Microsoft’s Expression Studio suite for designers. Taking some of the best concepts from storyboarding and pre-visualization we’ll also discuss WHY this type of workflow is important for software design with a case study of the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid and Microsoft Surface.


Sara Summers is a User Experience Evangelist for Microsoft based out of Austin, TX. Sara has worked in the design industry for 14 years, for such renowned agencies as; Frog Design, Young Rubicam, for clients; AMD, HP, Logitech, Microsoft, Motorola, NFL and Sony. She has been deeply involved in the production and development of product strategy, vision and design, guiding and influencing design process with each team and project.


Hollywood Draws First Blood: Motion Graphics and Media Influences on Future Technologies

4:40pm, Rick Barraza, Experience Architect, Cynergy

As today's Science Fiction becomes tomorrow's technology, how do you craft the design to manage expectations and provide richer experience? Go beyond the current paradigms of capacitive touch screen and multi-touch technology as Rick discusses what's next with gestures, pixel shaders, 3D and physics in Microsoft Surface and how we can leverage lessons from Hollywood in tomorrow's interactive media experiences.



Silverlight & Expression Studio Workshops


Part of the Imagination College Workshops

9am - 4pm, the Design Center of Austin

3601 S Congress Ave, Suite C202, Austin, TX 78704


Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight

Tue, May 12

Microsoft Silverlight enables you to harness the power of the .NET platform to build cross-platform and browser-based Rich Internet Applications. If you're experienced with scriptable Web languages or working with Flash this course will show you the fundamentals of creating Silverlight solutions using Expression Blend and Microsoft's integrated development environment, Visual Studio. Learn how to build distinct and rich experiences that combine the best of motion graphics, animation, video and features that are found nowhere else, like Deep Zoom. Plus get a preview of what's coming in the next version of Silverlight and the Expression Studio platform.

Video Distribution and Encoding with Silverlight

Wed, May 13

This workshop will teach you about how to encode and distribute video using Microsoft Silverlight and introduce to you advanced concepts around HD-video distribution, live streaming and rights management--including how adaptive streaming can allow for seamless switching of bitrates to avoid buffering and reduce distribution costs. You'll learn the fundamentals of video encoding for multiple deployment scenarios using Expression Encoder, how to create players that can provide DVD and DVR functionality in the browser and understand distribution scenarios for the individual all the way up to deployments that much reach millions of viewers from around the world.

Dynamic Prototyping with SketchFlow in Expression Blend

Thur, May 14 :: NDA Required
Getting from the whiteboard, to the sketch and then to code has always been a challenge in Web and software development and communicating with static comps doesn't cut it for Rich Interactive Development. Existing methods for prototyping are too complex or require us to throw away what we create. This course will demonstrate how SketchFlow in Expression Blend will enable designers to quickly create prototypes using sketches and animation and get quick feedback from stakeholders. As concepts get refined, interactive assets can be developed and preserved for production all without writing code. This class includes work with pre-release software. All attendees must sign an NDA and be approved by instructor.