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Austin MGFest :: Legendary Entertainment :: May 14-17


Motion Graphics Screenings

May 14th, 6pm - 1am, at the 501 Studios, 5th st. & east I-35

Four seperate screenings: Stash's "Best of 2008", Music Videos, Austin in Motion & New Psychedelia

Artists include Shepard Fairey, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Addictive TV (Slumdog Millionaire), David Lobser (Harvard), The Mill, Dvein, Ken Adams (Alien Dreamtime), KRS-one, The New Pornographers, Blizzard Entertainment, Harmonix, Larry Carlson, Yoshi Sodeoka, Jen Stark and more.


Electric Dream Theater

May 15th, 8pm-1am, at The Independent at 501 Studios

Featuring performances by Init String, RookTV and Entranced.



An MGFest and AMODA Collaboration

May 16th, 8pm-1am, at The Independent at 501 Studios

A synesthesia of: ( sound | visuals | interactive | social ) integrated into an unparalleled media+art event. MGFest09 begins a tradition of full-scale environmental design, bringing together a massive range of creative talents to inspire, awe, and activate your mind.


Connectivity Events :: May 13-21

Come see how full service production and post studios get the job done in a collaborative, progressive environment and still manage to make time for fun. Make connections with local artists and check out the gear that actually makes it all happen.


With your $7 MGFest Art & Entertainment Pass you are also invited to join us during the day on Saturday and Sunday for the two Austin MGFest Summits:


Austin New Motion Summit, Mat 16th

Saturday, 10am - 5pm, at the 501 Studios, 5th st. & east I-35

All three threads are united on Saturday for a series of presentations by top artists and designers from around Austin and the globe. Presenters include: Shiny Object, Microsoft, Maxon, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and more.


Open Collaboration Summit, May 17th

Sunday, 10am - 5pm, at the ACTLAB

Hosted by University of Texas, Advanced Communications Technologies Laboratory

All three threads again come together on Sunday for a BarCamp-style open collaborative workshops. Participants are encouraged to bring projects to discuss and work on with other participants. This Motion+Sound+Code BarCamp will be an opportunity to put the new skills acquired during the festival to practical use, cementing the knowledge and sharing the new possibilities.